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Chemitron Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) is dedicated to provide pest control and fumigation services of the highest quality for our customers. Our friendly and professionally trained service technicians ensure that we give the utmost care, priority, and value for your service needs.

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Pest Trivia

Economic & Aesthetic Reasons for Pest Management

Most pests directly compete with human beings in the consumption of products such as rice, corn, flour, and soya. These pests reduce both the quality & quantity of goods, leading to severe losses. Structural damage, emission of foul odor, as well as stains due to their secretions lessen the appeal of products and buildings.

How pests can impact your Health

Most pests are carriers of diseases, which affect human beings either directly or indirectly. Malaria is directly transmitted through mosquito bites. Examples of pest-borne diseases are dysentery, cholera, encephalitis, & chagas disease. Pests can also contaminate goods with harmful bacteria or other organisms.